Newsletters and Mailings

In addition to this Blog, we send out newsletters to our partners.  Here’s a backlog for those of you that didn’t get them or want to look back.  If you are interested in receiving these newsletters, our contact info is at the bottom of each document, but we can’t put it here for spam reasons.


August 2015 Newsletter Back in Cameroon

June 2015 Newsletter Prayers and Praises

May 2015 Newsletter Photo Update

March 2015 Newsletter He who has ears, let him hear.

December 2014 December Language Learning and the Holidays

October 2014 Newsletter Arrival in Switzerland

August 2014 Newsletter Takeoff!

July 2014 Newsletter Set to Launch!

June 2014 Newsletter One in Missions

May 2014 Newsletter Looking toward Cameroon

March 2014 Newsletter Preschool/Grad School

February 2014 Newsletter For God so ‘Dvu’-d the World

January 2013 Newsletter  Talk on Tech and Translation

December 2013 Newsletter Merry Christmas!

November 2013 Newsletter Partners with You!

October 2013 Newsletter Equipped to serve.

September 2013 Newsletter Times of Transition.

August 2013 Newsletter Married and serving together!

May 2013 Newsletter Engaged and ready restart the mission together.

August 2012 Newsletter Back home for more Training.

August 2011 Newsletter Over one year in Africa.

November 2010 Newsletter First months in Africa

April 2010 Newsletter End of French School

August 2009 Newsletter Mid-way through French Studies

May 2009 Newsletter Arrival in Switzerland

January 2009 Newsletter Lighting the Way

September 2008 Newsletter A destination…Cameroon

August 2008 Newsletter Starting at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Other Docs:

Invitation to Partnership: If you are interested in partnering with me in prayer of financially, please let me know or download these pages and send them in.


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