One comment on “An EGGCITING afternoon!

  1. Matthew and Teresa ~~~~~~ loved your ‘eggsordinary’ life journey so far!!! Very imaginative indeed. Sam and I were with you mom and dad (as usual on Friday night) and told us about your ‘story’. She recalled it because I had asked her to email me the spelling of all 3 of Jennifer/Jeff’s children. I had some special locally ‘home grown’ eggs from a friend. Large white ones from her white leghorn’s (“I say, I say ~~~”)(Cartoon character) and a bunch of really small ones from her bantam’s. I always dye eggs at Easter because I just LOVE to see them in a basket in my refrig. Makes me smile each time I open the door. I will put the kids names on an egg and your parents can take them up with them tomorrow. Very proud of you two so keep up the good work. Think of you often.

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