2 comments on “Saturday

  1. Matt,
    First of all I’m -We all are- extremely proud of you. You’ve made such a brave choice, leaping into the unknown like that. It must be like moving to another planet. Or four years of summer camp, except there’s no mess hall. And the arts & crafts are REALLY hard.
    I’m pleased to learn that the Lord has seen fit to start you off with a lesson in faith and humility. Not that you’ve ever been particularly arrogant, but you ARE an American. We tend to be condescending to the people in less developed countries, even as we reach out to help them. It’s good to be reminded that spiritual power and wisdom can be found where we least expect them.
    I can sympathize. Cindy and I have been going to Praise Cathedral (Church of God) . And while it’s not exactly Cameroon, it’s definitely not Presbyterian, either. We used to look down on the “Church o’ God People”when I was at Kentyre, but their -our- church is very different from what I expected. What they call the Fullness of the Holy Spirit is both exhilarating and unnerving to me. While I haven’t experienced it myself, I can’t deny that the power of the Lord is working in these people. I have seen healing and prophecy, heard people speaking in tongues countless times, and felt power as part of a congregation that far surpasses anything I’ve felt before..
    But this isn’t about me. this is about how proud and happy you make me. Of course we will pray for you, and you can be sure that God will give you the strength to do what has to be done. We will look forward to your next entry. You are an excellent writer, Matthew. You must sound amazing in French.
    God Bless You.
    Uncle Pat

    • Thanks so much for this, Uncle Pat.
      I’m so glad to hear what the Lord is doing in your life..that’s more exciting because I’ve never heard you speak about it before. Live your lives to the fullest with the “Church o’God People”…there’s passion there that we Presbyterians could learn from, one can’t doubt that. Keep me updated, and I’ll try to give you a call sometime soon.
      Love, Matthew

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